Le Temple des Arts, the other hotel of Ouarzazate

Beyond a simple hotel stay, Temple des arts will be a unique and unforgettable experience, associating historic disorientation, beauty of sets, extreme refinement and personal attentions. An authentic journey through the 7th Art, History and the World, in the heart of the city of Ouarzazate.

Born of the dream of the Producer Ahmed Darif and achieved after 3 years of works and historic and film researches, Temple des Arts has 7 rooms and suites, quite unique in their conception and their decoration.

Moroccan craftsmen, experts in the realization of film sets and formed by the main decorators of Italian, French and American movies, collaborated during more than 2 years in the meticulous execution of the sets of every space and room.

Combinating the major arts, the Temple des Arts mixes Gastronomy, Sculpture, Cinema, Contemporary painting, in an architecture unique in Ouarzazate.

The legendary Moroccan hospitality gives to this combination a flavour that will remain unforgettable.


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